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Navigators on the Net 2016 AIMC Study

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Navigators on the Net 2016 AIMC Study

AIMC (Association for Media Research), has presented the new Study Navigators on the Net 2016
The surveys to carry out the study were carried out between October 20 and December 13, 2015 and the following have participated in them:

190 websites
21 social media profiles 5 electronic newsletters
Hispanic Chat
The first data indicate that the navigators are very well equipped technologically:
web surfing equipment

91.6% use WhatsApp
The most frequent browser is Chrome followed by FireFox
93.9% access the Internet through their mobile, followed by laptops, desktops and tablets.
40% of surfers connect daily more than 4 hours a day
Internet press reading Navegantes 2016

Daily paper reading continues to decline (29%, -3.7 points compared to 2014 and -9 compared to 2012)
46.2% declare that they exclusively read the digital edition
About 40% of respondents use a radio application
The preferred TV viewing equipment is the laptop (40%), followed by the Tablet and PC (both around 35%)Messing
The joint use of Internet and TV amounts to almost 75%, and it is frequent for more than 40%
In radio, shared use is lower (60%), and it is frequent for a third of surfers
59.4% think that advertising is a problem
51.8% complain about download speed
The perception of not having been infected by viruses or spyware continues to increase  The antivirus installation on the PC or laptop is much greater than on the mobile or Tablet
Use of social networks in Spain 2016

Regarding Social Networks, their daily use now exceeds three-quarters of those interviewed
The most used network undoubtedly continues to be Facebook, followed by Twitter, Instagram, Google+ (although many do not believe it), Linkedin and Pinterest.
Most used social networks in Spain 2016


The most widespread use of social networks has to do Uruguay Mobile Database with friendship relations (75%), although it continues to decline
61% follow a communication medium and 53.1% commercial brandsWord of mouth on the Internet
Almost 80% of surfers have consulted opinions or comments from other people on the Internet in the last 30 days and half give them great confidence
40% claim to have disclosed opinions about a product or service in the last 30 days.
Use mobile applications
Regarding ecommerce

Daily shopping online continues to grow: in the last week it rose to 42.9% (+3.1 points)
The usual products / services remain in the leading positions: electronics, travel tickets, accommodation, leisure and clothing and accessories are the most mentioned
Uruguay Mobile Database

Online shopping increased after seeing the product in the store (35.3%, +3 points)
Reviews searches on mobile in the store (33.4%, +4 points)
The price comparison on mobile in the store (30.5%, +4 points)
Internet of things users

Only the smart home or car are considered of great interest by more than 50% of sailors
On the opposite side, smart clothing is rated as very or quite interesting by less than 20%
Last in geolocation

Generalized increase in the use of geolocation services
About 40% claim to have scanned QR / BIDI codes in the last month.
I leave you as always the complete study in case you want to consult more Brother Cell Phone List information

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