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How to optimize the SEO of your E-commerce for voice searches

You’re likely to market your website through similar items as Adsense and planning to write a write. On both will probably be and your blog, planning to put an opt-in form upon them so you can receive email includes. These individuals become subscribers to the email database. These sites have an extensive database regarding email addresses opened in the world, everywhere, and somewhere between. Therefore, you can be sure the e-mail you are receiving is no exception. Click on the search button and keep away from the points out. In no time, you to acquire the results of the search which will indicate the IP address where the mail is approaching from, the common history and address of the sender within the email, the sex, the age, and the date of birth. 

\You are miss something. Here’s marginally I offered her, “When you help it be about you, you’re dead in water.” That’s what my coach told me, and dust and grime. Instead of worrying about herself and letting that stop her from in the years ahead with this project, my client necessary to refocus around the REAL reason she was doing this tele summit. Ended up being for her clients. It’s ultimately about serving them. What made these subject lines effective was may engage someone by asking them something or it got them curious enough about what the email was approximate to go ahead and open it.

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How to optimize the SEO of your E-commerce for voice searches

Did you know that according to Google, in 2021 some 1.6 billion users will use voice searches ? So it is not a passing trend: the search voice is here to stay.And to remain competitive with your E-commerce and not lose sales, you must take into account this new reality.The way in which we ask the search engine varies depending on whether we type our query in the Google bar or if we do it aloud to the mobile assistant (or to a smart speaker like Alexa).Which implies that the positioning strategy that you have been using until now no longer works for you.But don’t worry: the first step to fix it is to read this post carefully.Here we are going to give you the keys to adapt the B2B Marketing in Cuba strategy of your E-commerce to voice searches.Ready to make Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant your best friends? Why should you consider voice search in your SEO strategy?If by telling you that SEO works differently we have scared you, get ready, because now the worst is coming:In voice searches, the user only sees the result that is in the first position of Google.So it is no longer enough to get to the first page.If you stay in second or third place, that client will never reach your website.Which means less online visibility , fewer subscribers and, of course, fewer sales.It is not a very attractive panorama, is it?Then pay attention to the advice that we are going to give you.3 keys to optimizing your E-commerce for voice searchesTake your notes, which we start with the guide.1. Have an “SEO conversation” with your clientsImagine that you are hungry and dying to eat a pizza.If you are at home and doing the search from your computer, you will most likely type something like “pizza near me” in the Google search bar. Almost like you are a robot, right?On the other hand, when we do a voice search we sound much more natural.

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We “talk” to our cell phone (or our smart speaker) and say something like: “ Ok, Google / Siri / Alexa, where can I have a pizza around here ?”.To position ourselves by voice searches, we have to give more weight to conversational long tails.That is, those keywords formulated as questions and beginning with “What, how, where …”, etc.The H2 and H3 of the product and category sheets.The titles of your posts.A section of frequently asked questions (you can have one on each product sheet).Let’s take one more step.Rank # 0 is a special type of rich snippet that Google implemented to give an immediate response to some queries, to the point that the user does not need to click on any search results.And if a user asked his mobile “How to use hydroalcoholic gel”, what he would receive as an answer is that content that is in the zero position.So the more your posts appear in this format, the easier it will be for you to position yourself in oral searches.The problem is that this is not controlled by you, but it is the Google algorithm that decides when to show an article in Rank # 0. But there are a few things you can do to increase the chances that he will pick you:


Include conversational long tails in the post’s H tags.Use short paragraphs (up to 40 or 50 words) and lists of 4-8 points maximum.Make comparisons (this rich snippet usually shows in results that include the terms “against” or “versus”).Logically it is also important that this content is written for Cuba Business Email List (that it is written in a pleasant way, that it responds to the search intention, etc.).3. Use an intelligent search engine (that understands the user speak as he speaks)Remember that the User Experience of your E-commerce also affects SEO.And if a user has come to your website doing an oral search in Google, it is likely that once inside they want to continue using the same method, right?So, if your internal search engine does not support voice queries, the User Experience will be negative.So all the effort you’ve made to position will go down the drain.But here comes the big problem is that the search voice still a challenge for most of the search engines.

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