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Google + closes permanently on April 2: How to download and save your photos and contacts

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Google + closes permanently on April 2: How to download and save your photos and contacts

This was the chronicle of a death definitely announced on April 2 Google + closes.

In June 2011 Google launched its social network Google Plus and many of us did the impossible to get one of its long-awaited invitations, since at first not everyone could have access if it was not through the invitation of one of its members .

We have written a lot about this platform over these 8 years, but we saw the fall of Google + coming for a long time, even though some of us tried by all means to get users to return after having abandoned it almost at the beginning.

Indonesia Mobile Database

This network made the irreparable mistake of leaving with great expectation but the worst mistake: being a photocopy of Facebook. Why did Facebook users want to have a network replicated in Google? Starting again to make contacts that we already had in other networks was totally absurd. The only novelty that it presented and that we all applauded was the creation of circles, that is, lists where we could segment users by themes, friendship or according to the criteria that most interested us, Facebook until that moment lacked this feature that it later implemented.

The second major failure of Google + was to create accounts for all Gmail users without their consent. If you had a Gmail account, you instantly had a Google account, something the community didn’t like at all.

In recent years there have been multiple changes to the platform and many of us saw in the Communities and Collections the possibility of relaunching this network, as it began to work and the profiles were coming back to life.

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For example, my account grew exponentially, surpassing 37,000 followers, with quite a significant engagement, but unfortunately many advanced users had already left the platform and did not want to give it a second chance. In fact, I think that even the most outstanding in other networks never used Google Plus again.

Close Google Plus

In December 2018 Google already warned us: the expected closing date would be August 2019 and the storm broke. The few of us who continued to use the network stopped doing so. Why keep making efforts in a network that was going to close. Thus, Google Plus has become a deserted city where there are a few hundred users who are reluctant to leave the ship, but it is useless, today they warn us that on April 2 Google Plus will close permanently and that we download the data before that date or we will lose them because they will be deleted.

So how do I download all the information and photos from my account?

This is the question that many users ask when they hear the news.

Well, Google provides us with this data, so that we can download and save all the information from our accounts.

1.- Download all your Google+ data
You can download a file that contains all of your Google+ data at once, including your circles, communities, news, and +1.

Go to the Download your data page . You may need to log in.
Uncheck the Google+ information that you don’t want to include Indonesia Mobile Database in the download disabled .
Click Next .
Choose a file type.
Choose how you want the data to be delivered.
Click Create file .
2.- Download specific data from Google+
Instead of downloading all the data, you can download specific data from Google+, like your photos, events or posts.

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Go to the Download your data page . You may need to log in.
Next to the type of content you want to download, like What’s New from Google+, click the down arrow Arrow down.
Click Select specific data .
Select the specific data you want to download.
Click OK .
Click Next .
Choose a file type.
Choose how you want the data to be delivered.
Click Create file .
Perhaps for me the most important thing is to keep the circles that I had in Google Plus to keep the contacts.

3.- How to download the circles from your account
To download your circle data, select Google+ Circles . You’ll get:

Visible names
Google+ Profile URL
But be careful, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL NOT BE DELETED FROM GOOGLE PLUS. If you don’t delete it, it will continue to exist even if you can’t use it.

How to permanently delete my Google Plus account?

To delete your Google Plus account, click Brother Cell Phone List

Whenever a social network closes personally, I feel sad because I think we have invested many hours in them and they have all contributed something to us. Perhaps it is a piece of your past that remains in limbo. But hey, it’s something we have to count on when we decide to use a platform with these characteristics.

We can simply say Goodbye Google Plus and thank you for what you have left us.

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