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Annual eCommerce Study Spain 2018 IAB

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Annual eCommerce Study Spain 2018 IAB

As every year, IAB has presented the Annual Study eCommerce Spain 2018, prepared by Elogia.
To develop the report, an online interview was conducted in July in Spain with a sample of men and women aged 16 to 65, online shoppers (968) and professionals in the eCommerce sector (288).
These are the main conclusions of the Study:Nepal Mobile Database

Of the total Spanish Internet population aged 16-65 (27.5 million), 71% declare to buy online,
which represents a total of 1 9.4 million Spaniards.
ecommerce data Spain 2018

This means that 7 out of 10 Spanish Internet users buy online
What is most surprising is that generation Z (16-23 years old) is the least intensive: only 1 in 2 individuals of this profile buys online, a figure that contradicts other forecasts.
Online shoppers Spain 2018

Regarding the gender of online shoppers, it is very balanced, 51% are women and 49% are men with an average age of 41 years.
83% of buyers declare themselves active on social networks, especially on Facebook and WhatsApp
How is the Spanish online buyer

The average is 3 purchases per month with an expense of € 77
Online purchase drivers
Ecommerce purchase reasons

The computer continues to be the main device for online shopping, Nepal Mobile Database although the Smartphone continues to grow. Typically shoppers use more than one device in their online purchases
Preferred devices to buy online Why do we buy online when there is a physical store?
Mobile purchases Spain


Entertainment and culture, travel and stays, and technology and communication are the product categories Brother Cell Phone List that have been bought the most in the last year.
70% of buyers seek information and formalize the purchase only from the online channel
Among those who seek information in marketplaces, 70% make purchases through these portals.
22% of buyers first look online and then close it in a physical store, especially buyers who live in areas such as Madrid and Barcelona.
The brand’s website is consolidated as the main source of information, although it is friends, family, blogs and forums that most influence purchases.
The main aspect to choose an eCommerce is the offer (even ahead of price or
shipping terms).
The buyer is increasingly looking for fast shipments (17% want the product the same day of purchase).
Pay Pal remains the preferred payment system for online shoppers. the full IAB report

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