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TOP 5 December – Must-have articles on marketing and sales

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TOP 5 December – Must-have articles on marketing and sales

In this TOP5 of December we have compiled the news that most caught our attention to be able to look towards 2021, bringing us some important learnings from this very atypical and turbulent year: from the change of Google’s algorithm to news and trends in terms of networks social, ecommerce and online marketing.We hope you find it interesting and have a good start to the year!

1. Core Update for December 2020: Google’s Christmas Gift?
Surely the change of Google’s algorithm has been the most important news in the field of online Sweden Phone Number List in the last month.Almost seven months after the last update comes another change, and this Sistrix article analyzes who has affected and who has benefited from Google’s December Core Update: Online dictionaries and encyclopedias lose out because they are not always able to respond to the search intention of the query made by the user. Therefore, these results no longer meet Google’s quality guidelines.In other cases, however, the domain visibility index has been redistributed within web pages of the same sector. It seems to be the majority of the cases. Precisely because of this last point, we are not talking about sectors that have benefited from the algorithm change.

2. How to virtualize an event for 2021
2020 has brought great challenges for all companies, regardless of the sector. The first and common to all is to bring to the online world all those experiences tied to the offline world, such as events. The interesting thing about this need to digitize something so physical is that it has come to stay in 2021 as well, and it will surely remain even once we have gotten out of this situation.I recommend reading this IM Digital Business School article , which explains in detail how to virtualize an event in all its phases:Before : everything that needs to be taken into account in terms of configuration, technology, capture, database …During : how to make sure that everything flows, that there are no interruptions, that people feel involved and that they do not lose interest.After : how to measure attendance and engagement, and continue to nurture the database.

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3. Digital Sweden Phone Number List trends in 2021 Although surely the greatest learning that we can take from 2020 is the importance of adaptability, we are going to see what are the trends that will mark 2021 in the field of digital marketing: The e – commerce will be the protagonist.In order to achieve personalized experiences, virtual and augmented reality will be increasingly implemented.Content that adds value to the user and is aligned with the phases of their own purchase process.These are just some examples, but to deepen this topic, I recommend that you visit the Adsmurai article .

4. What news does Facebook and Instagram bring for 2021?
Google and the algorithm change, trends for 2021 … and the news in terms of social networks could not be missing. Some of them have already been implemented throughout 2020, but they have marked and will mark a before and after for Facebook and Instagram.The rule of restricting 20% ​​of text in images is no longer valid, Guides and Reels functionalities are born (the latter to compete with the giant TikTok), the number of ads per page is limited, etc.top 5 december making science To learn about these changes in more detail, I recommend reading this Making Science article in which these points are analyzed one by one.

5. 4 ecommerce trends on Black Friday that warn us of what will come in 2021
And, to close this TOP5, let’s also see what is expected to happen in 2021 in the field of online commerce based on insights from the last Black Friday (this year, 44% more buyers have switched to online purchases).The delivery service will have a differential factor in the user’s shopping experience, it could mark the decision to repeat the purchase or not on a certain website.Physical stores are looking for options to continue facing the challenges of 2020, including self-service .A good user experience on mobile is essential to achieve conversions also from this device. And be careful: it is no longer only young people who dare to buy directly from their mobile! Some consumers are more willing to spend .Read the full article on Ecommerce News to learn about all these trends in more detail.We will be attentive to everything that 2021 brings us in the world of digital marketing! We will be here to see it … and to tell you about it!

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