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Inbound Marketing on HubSpot: How It Can Help Your Strategy

You’re likely to market your website through similar items as Adsense and planning to write a write. On both will probably be and your blog, planning to put an opt-in form upon them so you can receive email includes. These individuals become subscribers to the email database. These sites have an extensive database regarding email addresses opened in the world, everywhere, and somewhere between. Therefore, you can be sure the e-mail you are receiving is no exception. Click on the search button and keep away from the points out. In no time, you to acquire the results of the search which will indicate the IP address where the mail is approaching from, the common history and address of the sender within the email, the sex, the age, and the date of birth. 

\You are miss something. Here’s marginally I offered her, “When you help it be about you, you’re dead in water.” That’s what my coach told me, and dust and grime. Instead of worrying about herself and letting that stop her from in the years ahead with this project, my client necessary to refocus around the REAL reason she was doing this tele summit. Ended up being for her clients. It’s ultimately about serving them. What made these subject lines effective was may engage someone by asking them something or it got them curious enough about what the email was approximate to go ahead and open it.

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Inbound Marketing on HubSpot: How It Can Help Your Strategy

The inbound marketing is one of the strategies that are more employing companies to achieve their Switzerland Phone Number List results.For this, there is a large number of tools and platforms on the market that help to carry out all inbound tasks without wasting excessive time on it. It is key to have the right tool to be able to develop your strategy properly, and my advice is that you focus only on one tool that allows you to carry out the entire process from start to finish, in such a way that you have all the information in the same place.One of these tools is HubSpot . In this post I want to tell you how it works and how it can help you in your inbound marketing strategy. If, when you finish reading, you want to know more details about it, I encourage you to download the Complete Guide about HubSpot and its functionalities for your business .Why inbound marketing with HubSpot?As I mentioned, more and more companies are considering including inbound marketing within their strategies, but what is it really?In our blog you can find a large number of resources and posts that talk about inbound , but, in summary, I will tell you that it is a methodology based on the generation of relevant and useful content for the user so that the company can have points of contact with your buyer persona without being intrusive .With inbound marketing we put into practice a non-intrusive advertising methodology whose objective is to attract the user, seduce him with the relevant content that we have discussed and accompany him until he goes through all the phases of the conversion funnel until the final transaction.I have read and accept the Privacy and Cookies Policy .With this clear, you have to know that HubSpot can support you in all the phases that we just discussed. In case you did not know, HubSpot is a very popular software since, thanks to it, you can work together in the marketing, sales and customer service areas of your company.Within this software you will find several modules to work all this independently, but thanks to its interconnectivity all the departments of the company will be able to access the necessary information to obtain a global vision of it that helps them to better carry out their work.

This makes HubSpot , without a doubt, one of the most desired inbound marketing tools today, and its advantages make it possible:Possibility of creating your own channel for capturing records.Increase web traffic thanks to all the functionalities that it has developed for this. Convert visits to your website into records for the company’s database.Possibility of segmenting all these records in a fully automated way from the segments that have been previously defined.Quickly visualize all the sales possibilities for each of the leads thanks to the scheduling of emails or calls, among other things. Make advance to users through the stages of the buying process until they become consumers of the brand and all, automated and personalized manner.Technical assistance , with the possibility of contacting their agents to help you with any problem you may have with the platform or its functions. CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle As you can see, the added value of a tool like HubSpot is very high. This is possible in the areas that can be managed easily and automatically within the tool, a program that allows different steps to be taken in various marketing actions, with the advantage of doing everything from the same site. Let’s see it!Traffic attractionThe first phase of an inbound marketing strategy is attracting traffic. To achieve this,HubSpot is an ideal partner, since it is focused on generating traffic to a website! This is possible thanks to the fact that, among its multiple options, it has a tool specially designed for creating and managing blogs, the HubSpot CMS . This tool, which is one of the latest additions to the software, has an added bonus, because it can be easily linked to other blog platforms such as WordPress, so if you have your website made with this CMS you won’t have to start from 0. To this must be added the high degree of personalization of the content that the tool presents and, how could it be otherwise, the analytics associated with it, so this is one of the great strengths of HubSpot.HubSpot also offers functionalities related to social media that allow us to make the most of this channel as a key marketing tool. It allows us to consolidate relationships with potential clients, as well as to expand the impact of our campaigns with correct segmentation.

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In the “Social” section you can, among other actions, work on the following aspects:Publication : publish content on social networks directly from the tool, saving time by being able to work on all social networks.Interaction : view, in real time, all the interactions that exist, so you can be up to date at all times.Monitoring : track the content that is interesting for your company.Reporting : track, in detail, the results you get with each of the social media actions that you implement. hubspot inbound Switzerland Phone Number List social media Lead conversion Once the traffic on our website has been achieved, the next objective is for the user in question to enter our database. How do we get it? With the offer of quality content for which users are willing to leave their data in exchange. At a technical level, we use three main elements: calls to action (CTA), landing pages and forms. These can be created and edited in HubSpot. Calls to action : these are buttons or links that are placed inside the articles and whose objective is to draw the attention of the user to carry out a certain action. In this case, leave us your data. HubSpot’s tool to create CTA is very simple and is designed to be able to get the most out of the inbound strategy with its functionalities. As a tip, try straightforward, clear CTAs that improve click-through rates. Landing Pages : theseare the pages where users land after the CTA. In it, additional information about the offer is usually found, highlighting its benefits, explaining the solution that it will have on the user and how to get it. The HubSpot tool allows multiple functionalities to maximize the effectiveness of this page, such as, for example, personalization with the use of SMART fields or A / B tests. Before launching into the design of the landing page in HubSpot, think about what you want to communicate and what elements will you need to attract the attention of the user: work well with the copy and surround yourself with graphic elements, such as images and videos, that help to complement the part in text.Forms : theyare also generated within the same HubSpot in a very simple way. The tool allows the design of intelligent forms, which can be personalized based on the information needs that are had at that moment and / or characteristics of the user.

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Once the conversion is achieved, it is recommended that a landing page of thanks (thank you page) be created and that a follow-up email be sent. Thus the contact perceives that the operation has been carried out correctly. Both can be created in HubSpot very easily and can be programmed to be received by the user automatically once the form is filled out.Qualify the database After getting users to become records and enter our database, it is ideal to make a correct segmentation before treating them in order to continue with our inbound marketing strategy and that it is as accurate as possible. Not all leads are ready to make a purchase, and therefore must identify the phase of the process in which they are and so they can be nurturing with the specific content they need to move forward .HubSpot stores the information of all those users who have interacted with the company in one way or another . This allows us to create lists that classify contacts so they can be treated in automated workflows (workflows) or emails automated . Both options can be configured in HubSpot. These two features are crucial to your strategy: Workflows. They serve multiple purposes: from an automatic classification of contacts according to their characteristics with the updating of properties to the segmented sending of emails. The creation and configuration of workflows are very intuitive and also allow analyzing and optimizing their performance.Automated emails. Emails can be scheduled to be sent when the user performs a certain action. In them, A / B tests can also be carried out and the tool allows a detailed analysis of its results in order to optimize them to the maximum. Analysis One of the crucial points of any strategy is analysis. I have already been anticipating that each of the parts that make up HubSpot has the possibility of carrying out analysis of the actions , and that is that any action that is not analyzed is not useful for much. If you want your inbound marketing strategy to work, it is essential that you analyze each and every one of its parts and, from there, make decisions to optimize them. Aware of this need for analysis, HubSpot has created a specific section under the name of “Reports” .

In it, you can manage the analytics of all the marketing campaigns that have been created and even carry out personalized reports . To create them, they are normally based on the following points:Traffic analysis. In this section you can mainly see where the traffic to the company’s website comes from and the performance of each page or landing created in order to see its effectiveness, as well as that of the elements that make it up. Analysis of the contacts. This section is used to analyze, mainly, the structure and evolution of the database. It allows us to obtain information on the main sources of uptake, the evolution of the contacts in the lifecycle stage or the frequency of uptake.Campaign analysis. It allows us to analyze the performance and impact of the campaigns created in HubSpot.inbound marketing hubspot analytics Close sales To work the sales part, from HubSpot they make the Sales Hub available to us . This new section consists of software specially designed to be able to carry out a quick and easy control of all the phases of the sales process, as well as the point at which each of the contacts is located.Its strong point is that it allows you to assign tasks to the people in your team , as well as manage business meetings, not to mention the automation of repetitive tasks , something we are already used to if we have ever worked with HubSpot. With all this, it is possible to close sales in a much more effective and faster way.As main characteristics we could name the follow-up of emails and their automation, as well as the scheduling of meetings. If you want to know more about how HubSpot can help your sales team, check out the following articles:Sales Performance: How to Boost Your Sales Team Productivity with HubSpot Commercial communication: HubSpot sequences to increase sale Loyalty But, as you well know, you don’t only have to work on attracting customers and closing sales. And it is that, without the loyalty of the clients obtained, you would be losing a great opportunity to grow your business. In order to help you better manage customer service, the HubSpot tool known as “Service Hub” was born.

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This tool is designed to manage customer requests and relationships with them, as well as to give feedback. And, as we have mentioned, with this tool what is sought is to provide good customer service to ensure that they trust the company and, in the long run, they can become brand ambassadors. If you want more information on this topic, you can visit this article .CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle How can I get started with HubSpot?If the benefits of this software have convinced you and you want to start enjoying them as soon as possible, you have to know that HubSpot offers you three different modalities to fully adapt to your needs, both workload and economic.Basic license . It is the most basic license, suitable for those companies that want to start entering the world of inbound marketing. In it you can find the necessary tools to carry out inbound: blog management, content management, emailing, create CTAs, create simple landing pages and analyze the information. Pro license . This version emphasizes all phases of inbound marketing (attraction, conversion, and qualification). As a novelty in relation to the previous one, it allows to correctly carry out the marketing automation phase, integrate the results into a CRM and, based on this, create personalized and intelligent content for each group of users.Enterprise license . This license combines all of the above and, furthermore, as a novelty, allows A / B tests to be carried out in all types of campaigns that arise. More sophisticated marketing actions can be carried out with this type of license.To learn more about HubSpot’s plans and pricing, I recommend taking a look at this full article .As you can see, HubSpot is a tool that can provide a plus of excellence to your inbound marketing strategies and improve all the actions that are carried out. And another point: it is also possible to improve the time invested in carrying out these tasks by being more productive. If you have already tried it or are going to do it, why not share your experience with us?

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