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How to Conduct Effective Brand Communication in Times of COVID-19

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How to Conduct Effective Brand Communication in Times of COVID-19

How to use Facebook Ads in times of coronavirus? »Adapt or die». Few times has a phrase so repeated over so many years so clearly defined the current situation. Perhaps too drastic, but it is clear that we live in a historical moment in which adapting and understanding the context can lead us to enhance our brand, connect more with our community and even reach new potential customers . Today we bring you some tips to achieve this purpose at a time as delicate as the current one. Ready? New scenario The new panorama caused by the Coronavirus has affected the Russia Phone Number List reality of many companies, modifying their strategies in the short and medium term. In this sense, Communication in the face of the COVID-19 crisis has become a key tool to connect with the public, but at the same time looked at with a magnifying glass by some users who, due to circumstances, have increased the use of social networks and, therefore, the reception of messages by brands. In this new context, communication management has also experienced its particular ‘crisis’ and in many cases it has forced a rethinking of the strategy. What was worth a month ago, at a time when users leave the product in the background and become more interested in brand values ​​and their content, forces us to reach users in a different way.

Therefore, adapting to circumstances and impacting users with appropriate and effective messages and actions is more necessary than ever. Here are some tips to make your brand communication strategy successful in this new communication ecosystem marked by the Coronavirus. Do not stop communicating Don’t interpret a change in strategy as the end of it. We are living in a historical moment in which communication is essential to keep the brand present and Facebook campaigns must focus on that during the covid-19 crisis. Although it is true that the predisposition to buy is lower, the attention given by users has never been so high. Take care of your message and tone by keeping the editorial line marked, understanding the current context, but maintain active communication with your community. Generate content Contribute your grain of sand in the form of content and valuable Facebook campaigns so that your potential audience better copes with the Covid 19 quarantine.

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It is a good time to produce graphic material that humanizes the brand and contributes knowledge about the sector to which you are direct. Likewise, content that involves users and generates conversation with them will be very interesting to create a brand. Through your social networks you will be able to connect with users and find the most appropriate channel or channels to adapt your content to different formats and present your products in a different way, from a more corporate level. For example, the fashion brand laagam chose to share the learnings it has obtained throughout its three years through videos starring its own workers to inspire those who want to develop in the fashion, Russia Phone Number List and design sector . laagam «Sharing Learning» Get closer to your buyer persona There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed user habits. The complexity of the situation has caused us to question our interests, therefore, do not assume that you know your buyer persona . Empathize with him and establish deeper and closer relationships with your consumers that allow you to discover what worries them and what new needs they have. In short, align yourself with them and create bonds.

To do this, contact directly with some of your best clients or generate conversations through your social networks in which you obtain valuable information so that, in addition to generating content, it is interesting and valuable to the public. One of the most used tools these days for this purpose are Instagram stories , a simple and cost-free way to open a direct and personal communication channel with your community. If you want to know more about what factors take part in the consumer’s decision process , we leave you here a very interesting previous post about how the mind of your client works . In this sense, the Captain Denim brand of jeans has used its own factory to produce masks due to the lack of medical supplies in hospitals. An initiative with which, in addition to manufacturing 2,500 masks, it shows the brand’s commitment and closeness to its public, acting in a situation that modifies their needs in a certain way.

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Captain Denim COVID-19 Initiative
Be transparent
Now more than ever, brand responsibility is an aspect that we must take care of. Communicating all the measures implemented against the Coronavirus that affect our brand stands as a fundamental principle to assure users that shipments are safe and in no case is anyone endangered. Communicate through your social networks all the safety and hygiene measures that are being carried out and solve any questions that may arise. It even creates specific landings that collect all the relative information to offer a brand image that is totally transparent and committed to the situation.

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