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COVID-19: Video Marketing While You Are Confined

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\You are miss something. Here’s marginally I offered her, “When you help it be about you, you’re dead in water.” That’s what my coach told me, and dust and grime. Instead of worrying about herself and letting that stop her from in the years ahead with this project, my client necessary to refocus around the REAL reason she was doing this tele summit. Ended up being for her clients. It’s ultimately about serving them. What made these subject lines effective was may engage someone by asking them something or it got them curious enough about what the email was approximate to go ahead and open it.

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COVID-19: Video Marketing While You Are Confined

The video marketing can be key to maintain sales. With the current state of our planet, the impact of COVID-19 on small Saudi Arabia Phone Number List is still unknown. Since most of these businesses rely on foot traffic and in-person shopping, this new situation makes it difficult to attract customers.

Find opportunities even in difficult times Although the world as we know it is changing rapidly every day with new restrictions, some small businesses are finding ways to stay relevant and positioned. If your company has the potential and the resources to sell online, this is what we recommend. Use video marketing now to thank yourself later Whether you have posted some videos on your social media or are starting from scratch, video marketing is a proven method to attract attention and spark interest in your business and your products.Think about what distinguishes and makes your brand safe to transmit through videos that speak to potential customers. By creating a video that makes you think, smile, or even shed a tear, viewers will be more willing to share with their friends or post on their own social media.

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6 keys to mastering video marketing

Show your products
Videos allow the personality of your company to shine through and customers will receive more information than a simple static image. The combination of audio and visual stimulation on Saudi-Arabia Phone Number List  makes the description of complex concepts much more agile and easy to understand. This helps customers to assimilate your offers and how to use your products. After analyzing the KPIs of our clients’ campaigns, we concluded that 62% of consumers watch technical videos of products before making a purchase. This shows that people want to know exactly what they are buying and how they can actually use it.

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Show satisfied customers
To push this idea even further, you can include loyal customers in your videos. They can explain how your brand has helped them or how they implement your products in their everyday life. This will help potential customers see your product or service in real life situations. You can also make thank you videos in which you show devotion to your followers, even consider giving away a coupon or promotional code to maintain loyalty and increase sales.

Play with your audience
These types of videos are usually short, generally around 30 seconds long, and attract viewers to push for a new launch or product. Think of these types of videos as if they were a movie trailer. Don’t reveal too much, but build a plot that invites them to stay tuned for what’s to come in upcoming announcements.

Specific promotion
By creating videos that promote a specific product or discount, you will draw your audience’s attention to a particular aspect of what you offer in your business. These types of videos are perfect, because by showing some type of added value you will incentivize the purchase during the coronavirus. People are reluctant to buy anything, but when they do, they hope that it will help them carry out confinement better. Location is key After creating your videos, think carefully about where you are going to direct your audience. Adding the right landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%. This allows potential customers to connect with your brand quickly and efficiently. Confined but reinventing yourself With all these keys, a new inspiration and a little more time on your hands, now is the opportunity to work on a video marketing strategy. At Roas Hunter we have the necessary equipment and tools to do so and we want to help you. You are just one click away from changing the future of your business.

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